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Zhejiang Shanying Trading Co Ltd was established on April 26 2017 Its registered place is located in Room 239 Zangyuan Times Building Beihai Street Yuecheng District Shaoxing City Zhejiang Province Its products include food business import and export of goods sales of food additives daily necessities Sales

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MooncakeShaoxing Wine 3YrsSesame Crisp CandyBlack Sesame CrispShaoxing Wine 5YrsMousse And PancakeGrilled Dried TofuFood Fresh NoodlesHemp Is Not GreasyFennel For CookingCloves From BrazilSpring Onion RollsShepherd Purse BunSweet Steamed BunsHeyin Cumin PowderRadish Stuffed BunGlutinous Rice WineShaoxing Wine 15YrsPowder Cumin PowderInstant Dry NoodlesHeyin Pepper GroundSpices Natural PureShaoxing Wine 12YrsShaoxing Wine 30YrsWheat Ramen NoodlesPumpkin Stuffed BunShaoxing Wine 20YRSFood Healthy SnacksGreen Sichuan PepperWine With Trace SaltPremium Grade ClovesFried Glutinous RiceOriginal Melon SeedsFine Hanging SurfaceThe Most Famous FaceThere Are Star AniseFragrant Melon SeedsElastic Steamed BunsHeyin Cayenne PepperMachine Made SurfaceYou Cha With MixnutsMedium Capacity WineThe Omelet Is CrispyOrganic Fennel SeedsNatural Grade ClovesMoon Cakes Have SyrupCooking Hua Diao WineIllicium Verum Hook FFood Heart Rice SnackEdible Flavoring WineDelicious Slim NoodleIt Has a Unique AromaHanyuan County PepperSnack Instant NoodlesSmall Steamed DumplingFull Year Storage WineSteamed Pork DumplingsBottle Wine In CartonsFive Flavor Dried TofuExquisite Pottery WineHandmade Fresh NoodlesAlso Known As CorianderHeyin Five Spice PowderFoeniculum Vulgare MillSeasoning Granular CumiMellow Yellow Rice WineYusi Radish Stuffed BunRed Bean Cake With NutsMy Wife's Cake Is CrispStar Anise For MedicinePure Handmade Rice WineA Mild Yellow Rice WineMoon Cakes Contain NutsA Face Cut With A KnifeVegetarian Steamed BunsSoviet-Style Moon CakesHigh End Flavoring WineSpicy Wine In The MouthPure Grain Brewing WineWife Cake Is Not GreasyTen Years Old Rice WineMost People Like NoodlesCooking Wine For CookingHigh Grade Gift Box WineClove Is A Kind Of SpiceSeasoning Granular CuminEight Year Old Rice WineMoon Cake Contains WurenBest Fresh Ramen NoodlesStar Anise For SeasoningEconomical Shaoxing WineMoon Cakes Contain SugarPure Glutinous Rice WineNaturally Fermented WineWalnut Crisp Is Very SoftYellow Wine In Small JarsCumin Powder For BarbecueNoodles Containing AlkaliBaked Fruit Has Egg FlourNutritious Flavoring WineWalnut Flavor Melon SeedsExciting Wine In The MouthThe Main Flavor of CookingMoon Cakes Contain AlmondsFragrant Leaf For MedicineBaking Soda Is In The OvenMoon Cake Symbolizes UnityA Unique Flavor Of VinegarAlso Known As Swiss OmeletMango Is A Northeast SnackMoon Cakes Contain WalnutsMoon Cakes With Sweet TasteCooking Wine 5 Spices 500MlMoon Cakes Contain CaloriesHandmade Craft Brewing WineShaoxing Rice Wine HuangjiuBlending Of 3-Year Old WineSelected Large Grain PepperTraditional Su Zi Moon CakeHeyin Sichuan Pepper GroundMoon Cakes Contain Egg YolkThe Barbecue Contains ChiliSteamed Buns With MushroomsAnother Kind Of Steamed BunRich Fragrance Of Moon CakeSteamed Buns With VegetablesNoodles For Safe ConsumptionBaozi With Pleurotus EryngiiNatural Spice Orleans FlavorThere Are Historical StoriesRed Bean Paste Flavored CakeMoon Cakes Symbolize ReunionWuren Oil Tea Is Anhui SnackRed 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CuminCinnamon Is Also Called ChaiguiWine Packed In Maximum CapacitySesame Cake With Flour And EggsA Condiment Containing CinnamonWine With High Cost PerformanceYellow Rice Wine In Ceramic JarsThe Moon Cake Contains Red LotusSteamed Stuffed Buns With FungusWine Quality Storage For 5 YearsThe Moon Cake Contains Red DatesFragrant Leaves For Western FoodThe Most Suitable Amount Of WineHandmade Wine Stored For 3 YearsAmomum Tsaoko Crevost Et LemaireTen Year Pld Glutinous Rice WineThe Original Name Is Walnut CakeTraditional Food Of Red Bean CakeThe Barbecue Sauce Contains CuminWine Packed In Edible Plastic PotThe Price Of Common People's WineThe Moon Cake Contains Lotus SeedSesame Cake Contains Sesame SugarShaoxing Rice Wine Huangjiu 12YrsVegetarian Beef Has A Spicy TasteSteamed Buns Fermented With YeastSteamed Buns Stuffed With PumpkinFive Spice Powder Contains FennelThe Fragrance Of Camellia OleiferaShaoxing Huadiao Wine 500Ml LiquorVegetarian Beef With Chicken SauceSesame Pastry Contains 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DigestSesame Cake Contains Black Sesame PowderSteamed Stuffed Bun With Shepherd'S PurseSteamed Buns With Mushrooms And VegetablesVinegar Is A Specialty Of Jiangsu ProvinceCinnamon Is A Traditional Chinese MedicinePancakes Are Popular Throughout The CountryChina's National Geographic Indication Products
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